Perceptual BrandingTM research services

Orfield Labs also employs its unique Perceptual BrandingTM methodologies to advise clients regarding subjective and objective assessments of consumer response to products and services. Perceptual BrandingTM studies involve a process of product sensory design. Its purpose is to elicit similar consumer responses to many sensory aspects of a product, including sound quality, visual quality tactile quality, thermal quality and olfactory quality. The result of our Perceptual BrandingTM analysis is that the consumer makes the same associations, such as "high quality" based on reactions to multiple sensory modalities. Thus, a motorcycle may 'sound powerful', 'look powerful', and 'feel powerful'.

Perceptual Occupant ProgrammingTM research services

Orfield Labs' Perceptual Occupant ProgrammingTM (POP) techniques involve the subjective measurement of preverbal feelings and associations of the respondent to semantic descriptors applied to the stimuli tested. We can apply this method to stimuli such as images, sounds, smells, tactile feelings, thermal feelings, etc. It is an accurate predictor of the response of the respondent to aspects of a new environment. POP is a narrower look than PRP at architecture but not product design.